Congratulations to Dr Alan Walker who has been elected a Trustee of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation

The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation was set up in 1977 to commemorate and celebrate the work of the Scottish physicist and to promote and disseminate knowledge relating to physics, engineering and related fields.

James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879) formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, bringing together for the first-time electricity and magnetism. He showed that light is a form of electromagnetic radiation.  Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism are the basis for developments in many fields, such as electricity, magnetism, electronics, radio, television, radar and mobile communications.

The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation’s home is Maxwell’s place of birth: 14 India Street, Edinburgh. Visitors are welcome to view scientific and historical information, scientific equipment and family photographs.

Maxwell undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, after which he completed his degree at the University of Cambridge. He was appointed a Professor at Marischal College Aberdeen, and subsequently at King’s College London. He was the first Director of the Cavendish Laboratory, but sadly died of stomach cancer whilst in that post.

Former staff members of the School of Physics and Astronomy, Dr Richard Dougal, Prof Malcolm Longair and Prof Alan Shotter are also trustees of the Foundation, and trustee Dr John Arthur completed his PhD at the School of Physics and Astronomy. Prof Emeritus Peter Higgs is Honorary Patron of the Foundation.