Blavatnik Award recognition for Prof Sinead Farrington

Congratulations to Prof Sinead Farrington who is named 2021 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom Laureate in Physical Sciences & Engineering

The Blavatnik Awards recognize and support outstanding young scientists and engineers. Talented young academic staff across the UK are nominated by their university or research institution, or by members of the Blavatnik Awards UK Scientific Advisory Council.

The Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom celebrate the past accomplishments and future potential of the UK’s most innovative young faculty-rank (academic staff) scientists and engineers working in the three disciplinary categories of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry.  The Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the UK are generously supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation and independently administered by the New York Academy of Sciences. 

Prof Farrington is based in the School’s Particle Physics Experiment research group and she works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. She received the Blavatnik Award in recognition of her leadership of an international working group at CERN that has improved our understanding of the properties of the Higgs boson, and the development of key trigger and analysis techniques for the exploitation of Large Hadron Collider data and searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model.

Prof Farrington commented:

High energy physics is a collaborative endeavour involving very talented individuals from around the world, working together to build machines on a grand scale, and to analyse the data they generate to help us understand how the universe works at its deepest levels. I am privileged to have been able to contribute to this endeavour and to help provide some pieces of nature’s great puzzle, and am honoured to have received this Blavatnik Award.

The 2021 Blavatnik Awards in the UK Laureates and Finalists will be honoured at an awards ceremony in London in June 2021 and a symposium at the New York Academy of Sciences in July 2021.