Delving into dark matter detection

Join an international team of scientists as they unpack the mysteries of dark matter.

Scientists and members of the public are invited to attend events to mark Dark Matter Day. 

Dark Matter Day

Dark Matter Day celebrates the work being carried out in laboratories and institutions around the world, and shares what scientists know about this cosmic puzzle.

School of Physics and Astronomy researcher Dr XinRan Liu is teaming up with international partners for ‘Deep Talks: An International Journey to Dark Matter Detection’ taking place 4 – 6pm GMT on 29 October. This event involves Sanford Underground Research Facility (in South Dakota, USA), Boulby Underground Laboratory (Yorkshire), and the Science and Technology Facilities Council, and is part of a celebration that aims to shed light on the mysteries of dark matter.

Attendees can join this event via a Zoom webinar and answer polls, submit questions for speakers, take virtual tours of the underground laboratory spaces or watch live to learn about how far the search has come, and what might lie ahead in the field of dark matter research. As webinar space is limited, early registration is encouraged.

What is dark matter?

There’s far more to our universe than meets the eye. Everything we can see - everything we know exists - makes up just 5 percent of the matter in the universe. So, what about the other 95 percent? Astronomers and astrophysicists believe that approximately 25 percent of the missing mass and energy in the universe is made up of dark matter. This ubiquitous particle is everywhere, yet, so far, remains a mystery.