School teaching arrangements for week beginning 16 March 2020

Following a message delivered by Prof Peter Mathieson, the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, on University developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), there will be no further in-person gatherings of students for the remainder of the semester. However, we would like to emphasise that the university is not closed, and teaching is not terminated. Teaching is paused for the week commencing 16 March 2020, and will resume in distant mode thereafter.

Further information


There will be no classes of any type this week: no lectures, no labs, no workshops/tutorials. Please do not attend university buildings for these classes, as they will not be running. We will provide information later in the week on how we will move to distant provision from next week.


Coursework tasks continue. If you have coursework that is normally submitted electronically, you should continue to submit it electronically by the originally published deadline. If you have coursework that is normally submitted in person (e.g. on paper) then continue to complete the coursework, but do not attempt to submit it. Do not come in to university buildings to hand it in, and do not email it to lecturers or the Teaching Office. We will provide further updates on how the coursework will be handled later in the week.


Presentations and other oral forms of assessment will not go ahead in person. The relevant course organisers will contact affected students during the week to let them know the alternative forms of assessment that will be replacing these presentations.

Project work

Since projects do not involve gatherings of large groups of people, essential project work can still go ahead in person. Students conducting experimental projects should take steps this week to ensure that they will no longer have to come in to the building after Friday 20 March. Students may meet with project supervisors this week and should take steps to ensure that, from Friday 20th at the latest, any further such meetings can be carried out remotely, e.g. via Skype or phone/email.


As has already been announced, there will be effects on examinations. School staff will be working this week to determine the approaches that will be used. Please do not email staff with questions about exams; they will not be able to answer. We will communicate full information to you as soon as we are able.

Support and School communications

We appreciate that this is a stressful and confusing time. Please do communicate with your Personal Tutor if you need advice or assistance.

However, we would ask you also to appreciate that all university staff are receiving high volumes of communication right now, and to be patient in waiting for responses, particularly if your query is not critically urgent.

The School and University is pulling together to address the inevitable disruption being caused by COVID-19, and I am confident that we will be able to put suitable alternatives in place. We appreciate everyone's cooperation at this time.

Please remember that your university email account is our primary means of communicating with you. It is essential that you continue to regularly check your university email.

Additional guidance

The FAQs on the University website provide general information on travel and self-isolation, health and hygiene, along with additional guidance for applicants, students and staff.