Science meets literacy

Pupils from Craigour Park Primary School quiz physicists and share interviews about their research.

The School of Physics and Astronomy is keen to work with children in local schools in order to engage them in what we do, and encourage them to develop their interest in and understanding of science.

One recent project conducted prior to lockdown involved 20 Primary 7 pupils from Craigour Park Primary School in Edinburgh.  At school, pupils learnt about science journalism and gained interview skills. They then had the opportunity to undertake preliminary research on the work of the scientists they were to interview. 

After conducting the interviews with research staff and PhD students, they then wrote up their feedback, which feature some of the challenges and successes of our research colleagues.  They also included some of the fun facts which they gleamed from researchers. They shared their resulting 'science journal' with the wider school community at a science fair organised earlier this year.

Their interviews are published on the School of Physics and Astronomy blog.