Industry partnership to improve understanding of automotive catalyst support and diesel particulate production

Funding supports collaboration between Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership and Corning Incorporated.

The Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (ECFP) has recently received significant funding to continue working with Corning Incorporated: a world-leading innovator in materials science, with expertise in glass and ceramics manufacture.  

ECFP are the knowledge exchange centre for the Soft Matter and Biological Physics Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy, and work with industries across multiple sectors to help them improve and innovate in product formulation and processing. 

This three-year project, led by Dr Daniel Hodgson and Professor Wilson Poon, will provide Corning with new scientific understanding for the development of technologies and production optimisation in automotive catalyst support and diesel particulate applications. With a global push towards net-zero and a UK government ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars beyond 2030, there is still a significant need for improved emissions control over the next decade and beyond. The impact of poor air quality is a substantial global problem, with millions of deaths associated with elevated concentrations of fine particulate matter, including 98 deaths per 100,000 in the UK

This work builds on several years of collaboration between Corning and ECFP, which has been supported through a mixture of company funding and an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Partnership Award.