Student award winners announced

The School has announced the student recipients of medals and awards at an online ceremony.

Congratulations to students who received medals, certificates, prizes and scholarships at the School of Physics & Astronomy online Undergraduate Student Awards Ceremony.

The Head of School, Prof Jim Dunlop, announced the awards in recognition of excellent performance and achievements in the last academic year. Joint winners of the John Laing Scholarship, Ioannis Hadjifrangiskou and Marios Giannakou, provided some motivational and welcoming words.

Certificates & Medals

181 pre-honours students received Certificates of Merit for their achievement in Physics and Mathematical Physics courses in years 1 & 2.  A total of 29 Class Medals were awarded to the students with the highest overall mark for their degree programme.

Prizes and Scholarships

17 Prizes and Scholarships were awarded. These are awarded to the undergraduate students who have achieved the highest results and in their subject area. 

Congratulations to Graham Brown (MPhys Mathematical Physics) who won the Tait Prize, the Tait Medal and the Mathematical Physics Integrated Master Medal.

Prize recipients also include the following who have completed their BSc degree:

Ramsay Prize (highest degree classification - BSc Astrophysics): Michael Sharp

Schlapp Prize (highest degree classification - BSc Mathematical Physics): Christos Kourris  

Margarett Ann Stewart Prize (highest degree classification - BSc Theoretical Physics / BSc Computational Physics ): Tommaso Bruggi (BSc Theoretical Physics)

Neil Arnott Prize (highest degree classification - BSc Physics programme area) – Nicholas Conceicao (BSc Physics and Music)

Prize recipients include the following who have completed their MPhys degree:

Emerson Prize (highest degree classification - MPhys Astrophysics): Sean Johnston

Dewar & Ritchie Prize (highest degree classification - MPhys Theoretical Physics / MPhys Computational Physics): Scott Conn (MPhys Theoretical Physics)

Neil Arnott Prize (highest degree classification - MPhys Physics programme area): Chin Yi Tan (MPhys Physics)

Many congratulations to all recipients.