UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship success

Congratulations to Dr Dominique Laniel who has been awarded a UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellowship, and will be joining the School of Physics and Astronomy and the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC).

Fellowship scheme 

The UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships have been instigated to ensure the strong supply of talented individuals needed for a vibrant environment for research and innovation in the UK.   

In this round, a total of 13 pioneering researchers, tech entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators across different sectors and disciplines in Scotland will benefit from a £16.5 million cash boost to convert their innovative ideas to transformational products and services. 

Nitrogen-based technological materials 

Dr. Dominique Laniel's research aims to synthesise next-generation high energy density and superhard nitrogen-based technological materials employing extreme pressure and temperature conditions—up to 1,500,000 times the atmospheric pressure and 5000 K. His research will also expand our fundamental understanding of matter at extreme conditions, essential for modelling planetary bodies and providing benchmarks for theoretical calculations.  

Dominique obtained his Master's degree in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada, followed by a PhD in Solid State Physics and Chemistry from the Sorbonnes University, France. He then pursued his research as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, and later through a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft grant, at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, in the Laboratory of Crystallography - Materials Physics and Technology at Extreme Conditions.