Award recognition for sustainable laboratory initiatives

Congratulations to the team who have been awarded for establishing the JCMB Biolab Sustainability group and for their commitment to sustainable changes in the lab.

A team within the School of Physics and Astronomy have received a Changemaker Award from the University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability group for their actions in implementing sustainable changes in the School’s laboratories.

Colleagues Neil Corsie, Patricia Gonzalez, Rosa Santomartino and Tracy Scott and have been awarded for their commitment to establishing a JCMB Biolab Sustainability group. The work they have carried out so far includes: 

  • providing comprehensive training on the disposal of laboratory waste
  • establishing recycling bins in each laboratory
  • reducing single-use plastic
  • implementing energy-saving initiatives. 

The Changemaker Award recognises current students and staff who have made a noticeable positive impact by undertaking an impactful socially responsible or sustainable project, or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible or sustainable way. 

32 University staff, students, societies and groups received a Changemaker Award this year.