Double poster success for PhD students

Congratulations to Max Huisman and Giorgia Palombo who received prizes for their posters at the International Soft Matter Conference 2023.

Based in the Soft Matter Physics team at the School’s Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, both Max Huisman and Giorgia Palombo are in year 3 of their PhD.  Max’s research is on the influence of polymers on water evaporation, specifically related to the evaporation of respiratory droplets and virus transmission, and created a poster titled ‘Humidity insensitive evaporation of concentrated polymer solutions’. Giorgia’s research centres around designing and characterising active DNA-based hydrogels with modulable viscoelastic properties through the use of proteins, and her poster was titled 'Protein-Functionalised DNA Nanostar Hydrogels’.

The International Soft Matter Conference brings together researchers to exchange ideas, initiate discussions and report on results relating to soft matter physics. A team of Edinburgh researchers travelled to Japan for the 2023 event.