Early career research prize for Dr Patrick Pietzonka

Congratulations to Dr Patrick Pietzonka who has received recognition for his work in stochastic thermodynamics.

Dr Patrick Pietzonka has been awarded the 2023 European Physical Society’s Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division Early Career Researcher Prize for his work in stochastic thermodynamics. 

Patrick is a newly appointed lecturer in the Soft Matter, Statistical and Biological Physics Group of the School’s Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems. He was previously based at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden.

His research interests are in the statistical physics of systems driven far from equilibrium and subject to thermal noise. Patrick's goal is to find general physical laws that underlie living systems and more generally ‘active matter’.

The European Physical Society works to promote the advancement of physics and is organised through a number of divisions and groups. The Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division represents and provides a forum for scientists interested in statistical and nonlinear physics, complex systems and interdisciplinary applications.