Industry fellowship success leads to complex fluid collaboration

Congratulations to Dr Andreia Fonseca da Silva who has received an Industry Fellowship from the Royal Society.

Fellowship scheme

The Royal Society’s Industry Fellowship scheme enables the mobility of researchers across academia or industry; enhances knowledge exchange; stimulates longer-term collaborations; and establishes personal, scientific and corporate links.

The Industry Fellowship is part of the Royal Society's wider Science and Industry Programme which strives to promote the value and importance of science by connecting academia, industry and government.

Industry collaborations

Dr Fonseca da Silva’s work already involves collaborative projects with commercial contacts, however this Industry Fellowship will enable her to expend on this work and develop new collaborations with industrial partners.

During the Fellowship, she will be working with biomedical company Hyaltech Ltd., a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, who are a leading manufacturer of Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices which are used in eye surgery. Her work will involve developing a solid scientific foundation of viscoelastic fluid flows in order to advance formulation design and facilitate product innovation.

Complex fluids and new formulations

Dr Fonseca da Silva’s research focuses on using physical, chemical and mechanical techniques to understand both the macroscopic and microscopic behaviour of complex fluids, and the contribution of isolated components with the aim of developing new formulations.

She works at the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (ECFP), a knowledge exchange group based within the School of Physics and Astronomy, where she has developed and delivered collaborative research projects with commercial partners, and assisted industrial clients to formulate new products, technologies, and materials in complex fluids and soft matter.