PhD thesis prize success

Congratulations to Jordan Marsh who has won the Institute of Physics Nuclear Physics Thesis Prize.

Jordan Marsh, who was based in the Nuclear Astrophysics group within the School’s Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, has recently completed his PhD, and has won the Institute of Physics  (IoP) Nuclear Physics Thesis Prize.

His research focused on the installation and commissioning of the CRYRING Array for Reaction Measurements (CARME), a charged particle detection array which is located at the CRYRING storage ring in GSI, Germany. CARME is designed to study nuclear reactions using storage rings, which is a new and unique methodology to perform nuclear physics experiments, with the aim to resolve long standing problems in astrophysics. CARME is now ready for its exciting future physics programme following its commissioning, which was completed by studying the reaction of a deuteron beam incident on a nitrogen gas target.

The Institute of Physics prize is awarded annually for exceptional work carried out as part of a PhD thesis project in the field of nuclear physics.