Chancellor's Fellowships

The University of Edinburgh intends to appoint up to 100 Chancellor’s Fellowships across the University’s 22 Schools as an investment in the future of teaching and research. These prestigious awards are aimed at early-career individuals of the highest potential who have begun to establish a reputation for the highest quality research at the forefront of their discipline and who have a commitment to learning and teaching at university level.

Currently, the key research priorities in the School of Physics and Astronomy are:

  1. Experimental particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider
  2. Collider physics (BSM, model building, Monte Carlo, perturbative QCD).
  3. Studies of strongly-correlated electron systems, quantum ordering and novel phases.
  4. Characterization and synthesis of materials at extremely high pressure, from dynamic shock or static.
  5. Local-universe cosmology (to tie in with GAIA)
  6. Fundamental cosmology (to tie in with Euclid)

However, applications would also be considered in: Astrobiology; Computational Materials Science; Development or modelling of new materials for use in bio-, solar, thermoelectric or nuclear energy applications; The era of reionization (to link with LOFAR & HST); lattice QCD; and nuclear physics.

For information on how to apply, please visit: Chancellor's Fellowships at the University of Edinburgh