New Foundation Programme improves international students' access to School’s degree courses

A new 1-year foundation level course makes the School’s degree courses accessible to students whose qualifications have previously not been recognised by the University of Edinburgh.

The Integrated Foundation Programme will provide an entry point for many of the full degree programmes available in the College of Science and Engineering. This innovative programme will be integrated with the College’s first year of undergraduate study and so - unlike many other foundation programmes - does not mean an extra year of study.

Students will choose two subjects from among mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. An ‘English for academic purposes’ course – tailored for Science and Engineering students – will also be available.

After successful completion of the Programme, students will enter the second year of study alongside Degree students who have taken the standard first year.

 "The Integrated Foundation Year is a new and most welcome access route for the best international students from a range of countries. We look forward to welcoming this new group to the University and the city."

Dr Will Hossack, Director of Teaching

Application to the Integrated Foundation Programme will be through the UCAS system.

To register an interest in applying for the Integrated Foundation Programme, please email foundation [at] with the following information about yourself:

• full name

• country of residence and nationality

• preferred area of study

• school or other qualifications held or being taken