Physics journal hat-trick for ICMCS

ICMCS researchers ended 2010 with a bang with two papers in Physical Review Letters' last issue of 2010 (week ending 31st December):

  • Bartłomiej Waclaw, Rosalind Allen and Martin Evan’s theoretical study of the effect of migration on biological evolution (article number 268101),
  • Rut Besseling, Lucio Isa (now in Zürich), Mike Cates and Wilson Poon’s combined experimental and theoretical study of the origins of inhomogeneous shearing (or ‘shear banding’) in concentrated colloidal suspensions (article number 268301) with collaborators in Crete.

This was followed in the first issue of 2011 (week ending 7th January) by a paper from Laurence Wilson (now in Harvard), Vincent Martinez, Jana Schwarz-Linek, Jullien Tailleur, Peter Pusey and Wilson Poon with an Australian sabbatical visitor announcing a new method for the high throughput characterization of the motility of E. coli, yielding the swimming speed distribution and information about the non-motile population in a matter of minutes (article number 018301).

ICMCS is clearly in the process of turning PRL into their house journal: Davide Marenduzzo and Mike Cates have another paper on liquid crystal blue phases in the press: watch this space!