Discovering the Higgs Boson: Royal Society Exhibition 2013

Researchers and students from the School's Particle Physics Experiment group took part in the annual summer exhibition of the Royal Society in London. The 'Discovering the Higgs Boson' exhibit received around 7,000 visitors, making it one of the most popular stands at the week-long event.

Wahid Bhimji, Flavia Dias, Paul Glaysher, Ben Wynne, Dianne Ferguson and Tim Bristow and honorary Edinburgh professor Ken Peach, were all demonstrators at the Higgs exhibit. Paul and Flavia also presented talks at the daily lunchtime show.

"Taking part in the Summer of Science exhibition was fun and challenging. It was great to see so many people from many different backgrounds interested in the work being done at CERN. As a PhD student it is often too easy to lose sight of the big picture in the day-to-day work. Interacting with people outside the field and describing what we do reminds me how special this experiment is."  Dianne Ferguson

"Helping out at the science exhibition was an amazing experience. It's great to have so many people interested in something you work on! We had a lot of props available to help people understand our work that were quite illustrative, whilst being fun and awesome at the same time. All of our visitors seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did!" Tim Bristow


Wahid Bhimji was interviewed for the BBC radio programme Science in Action (he appears at 7mins, 25secs). He also features in a Royal Society Exhibition video.

The exhibition was co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh and the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics.