School's podcasts feature in iTunesU

Screenshot showing Physics podcasts higlighted in 'Noteworthy' section
Screenshot showing Physics podcasts higlighted in 'Noteworthy' section

The School of Physics and Astronomy podcasts have been featured by Apple in the 'Noteworthy' section of iTunesU this week.

iTunesU is becoming an increasingly popular provider of educational content in the HE/FE sectors in the UK and US. The school currently runs two podcast channels for its Physics General Interest Seminars (Alex Murphy and Iain Robinson) and Musical Acoustics course (Clive Greated) and this promotion on iTunesU represents a new way for people to be aware of the school's activities. The University of Edinburgh recently launched its iTunesU presence with over 100 video and audio podcasts.

iTunesU can be accessed through the iTunes application on Windows and Mac by going to the iTunes Store and clicking 'iTunesU' - or follow the web links below. iTunesU can also be accessed on iPhone. For those without iTunes, the podcasts can be accessed directly via

Update: Apple have since changed the Noteworthy section and the link to the school's podcasts is no longer present.