Application call: SUPA support programmes for Distinguished Visitors and Events

The SUPA Graduate School has instigated Distinguished Visitors and Events Support Programmes. Their purposes are threefold:

  • to enhance the training of physics graduate students within SUPA
  • to enhance the dissemination of research to and from SUPA
  • to enhance SUPA research strength.

SUPA is calling for applications for these two programmes. Applications should be submitted to admin [at] by Friday 11th November 2011. All applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the Graduate School Management Committee.

Please also read the guidelines to applying. Applications which do not conform to these guidelines will not be accepted.

Distinguished Visitors Programme

The scheme will fund short visits to Scotland by renowned scientists from elsewhere in the world.

Prospective visitors should be based at one (or more) of the SUPA Graduate School institutions during their stay, and will be expected to provide specific benefits for the training of graduate students and/or research. These benefits might include some or all of the following: taking part in or helping to direct research via generation of new ideas, sharing of expertise by giving short lecture courses, guest lectures and colloquia. Visits to SUPA institutions other than the host institution(s) are strongly encouraged.

Event Support Programme

The scheme can contribute to appropriate Postgraduate Schools, Workshops, and Technical Meetings held in Scot­land and organised by members of the SUPA Graduate School.

The proposed event will be expected to provide specific benefits for the training of graduate students. Meetings or workshops with a primary aim of graduate student training will be targeted for support. Likewise, technical meetings that provide graduate student level introductions, or that are making other special provisions to encourage graduate student attendance and participation will be considered.