Physics with Meteorology (BSc and MPhys)

UCAS codes

F304 (BSc)
9W23 (MPhys)

Degree overview

This degree is aimed at students who wish to study a Physics degree with a significant content of Atmospheric Physics. The degree forms a suitable training for many posts in environmental monitoring, modelling, and decision-making by providing a thorough grounding in Physics, allied with an appreciation of atmospheric processes and the techniques which can be used to study them. A degree in Physics with Meteorology will provide this training without compromising the ability of the student to follow other Physics careers. It is particularly suitable training for entry into research in the atmospheric sciences, either in universities or research institutes.

Physics with Meteorology is presented in conjunction with the School of GeoSciences. The principal differences with respect to the Physics programme lie in the final year programme, which folds in specialist meteorology courses along with meteorological projects.

Successful completion of this degree is recognised by the Royal Meteorological Society as an appropriate and adequate basis for those aspiring to accreditation as Chartered Meteorologists.

Key information & entry requirements

Degree structure & content

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