In Search of Configurational Entropy

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In Search of Configurational Entropy

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In this talk I will review the key features of glassy dynamics both from an experimental and theoretical viewpoint. I will then discuss the concepts of potential energy landscape, inherent structures and configurational entropy referring to the work of Stillinger and Weber on structural glasses. I will then discuss the relation of these ideas to those of free energy landscape and effective temperature.
In my reading for this talk I have found the following articles particularly useful
'Packing Structures and Transitions in Liquids and Solids' Stillinger and T.A.Weber Science 225, 983 (1984)
'A Topographic View of Supercooled Liquids and Glass Formation' F. H. Stillinger Science 267, 1935 (1995)
'Metastable states in glassy systems' G. Biroli and J. Kurchan Cond-mat/0005499
'Configurational entropy and the one-step RSB scenario in glasses' A. Crisanti and F. Ritort cond-mat/0009261
'Inherent structures and non-equilibrium dynamics of 1D constrined kinetic models' A. Crisanti, F. Ritort, A. Rocco and M. Sellito cond-mat/0006045

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