Colloidal Epitaxy

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Colloidal Epitaxy

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Epitaxy is defined as the growth of one crystalline substance on another so that both have the same crystalline structure and is an effect used in the manufacture of materials such as thin semiconductor films. For colloidal samples it has been found that periodically patterned surfaces will act as templates for crystalline growth in much the same way as is seen in epitaxy. How this process works and what colloidal crystalline structures form are discussed.
Entropically Driven Colloidal Crystallization on Patterned Surfaces Keng-hui Lin, J.C.Crocker, V. Prasad, A Schofield, D.A.Weitz, T.C.Lubensky, A.G.Yodh Phys. Rev.Lett. 85(8) 1770-1773 (2000)

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