Bose Condensation and Jamming Transitions

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Bose Condensation and Jamming Transitions

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Systems driven out of equilibrium can often exhibit behaviour not seen in systems in thermal equilibrium-- for example in phase transitions in one-dimensional systems. In this talk I will review several 'condensation' transitions that occur when a conserved quantity is driven through the system. Although the condensation is spatial, i.e. a finite fraction of the conserved quantity condenses into a small spatial region, useful comparison can be made with usual Bose-Einstein condensation. The transitions can also be viewed as 'jamming transitions'. Amongst some one-dimensional examples I will discuss the 'Bus Route Model' where the condensation (jamming) corresponds to the clustering together of buses moving along a bus-route. O. J. O'Loan, M.R.Evans, and M.E.Cates Phys. Rev E 58 1404 (1998) M. R. Evans cond-mat/0007293

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