Kinetics of Micelle Formation

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

Kinetics of Micelle Formation

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 31st March 2003
  • Speaker: Anniina Salonen (University of Edinburgh)
  • Location: Room 2511,

Event details

The kinetics of the micelle-to-micelle transition in a lipid (lecithin) + surfactant (bile salt) system was studied using neutron scattering. Lecithin and bile salt form micelles at high concentrations, which grow in length with dilution to form elongated, or worm-like micelles. The relatively fast (far below 1s) micelle-micelle transition can be studied using a stopped flow cell which achieves short mixing times. A general introduction to the system will be presented as well as initial results from recent experiments.

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