Faraday instability in complex fluids

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

Faraday instability in complex fluids

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 15th January 2007
  • Speaker: Pierre Ballesta (University of Edinburgh)
  • Location: Room 2511,

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Since Faraday’s founding work in 1831, it is known that the surface of a vertically vibrated fluid layer undergoes the Faraday instability when the forcing acceleration is greater than some critical value. Surface waves appear at the surface and form geometrical patterns characterised by a critical wavelength. We focus on the behaviour in complex fluids to such a hydrodynamic instability. We show that a strong coupling between the instability and the fluid microstructure may occur depending on the complex fluid. In semi-dilute wormlike micelles solutions, this coupling gives rise to standing elastic waves. In dilute wormlike micelles solutions, a shear-thickening phenomenon may be induced by the surface waves. And in suspensions of rod-like colloids localised alignment takes place.

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