Drops on Chemically Patterned and Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

Drops on Chemically Patterned and Superhydrophobic Surfaces

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We use the lattice Boltzmann algorithm as a tool to investigate the movement of drops on surfaces with chemical and topological patterning.

We first consider the dynamics of micron-scale drops moving on chemically patterned substrates. For a drop spreading on a surface with hydrophobic and hydrophilic stripes of the same dimensions as the drop, the final drop shape is determined by the dynamic evolution of the fluid. We use surfaces with regular patterning to explore contact angle hysteresis.

We also model drops moving on a substrate covered by an array of micron-sized posts, a geometry which leads to superhydrophobic behaviour. Here we explore transitions between the fakir and collapsed states, contact angle hysteresis, and the speed with which a drop moves across a superhydrophobic surface.

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