Complex Fluids Characterization Through Expert System & High Frequency Rheometry

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

Complex Fluids Characterization Through Expert System & High Frequency Rheometry

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 23rd February 2009
  • Speaker: Samiul Amin (Malvern Instruments Limited)
  • Location: Room 2511,

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Colloidal & nanostructured complex fluids are ubiquitious across a range of industrial & consumer products. Inks, paints, drilling fluids, drug delivery vehicles, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants constituting some common examples.

The fundamental principle of designing nanostructured/complex fluids for various applications lies in the ability to accurately characterize the underlying micro/mesostructure and engineering it to achieved desired performance responses (e.g rheology, lubrication, controlled release etc). Rheology presents itself as a unique tool to not only provide insights into the underlying micro/mesostructure but also to link to many performance aspects, such as processing, lubrication, adhesion, product dispersibility, drug release profiles etc. Proper utilization of rheology allows the engineering of the formulation or product microstructure to optimize product performance. However, proper utilization of rheology to achieve establishment of structure-performance linkages is limited due to a variety of factors. Primarily, in addition to specialized knowledge in experimental protocols/techniques in rheology, it requires specialized expertise in relating experimental data to microstuctural characteristics through theoretical models. In this talk, I will discuss how easily this is achieved through a novel Expert System Rheometry approach. This novel approach to rheometry & rheology allows material scientists to set up appropriate tests for an extensive range of nanostructured & complex fluids and to extract microstructural parameters & insights on performance through utilization of an extensive library of specialist complex fluids sequences. The novel approach will primarily be illustrated through a worm like micellar system-a complex fluid with wide ranging applications in traditional areas such personal care, oil recovery etc and new applications in drug delivery, paints etc.

Since complex fluids can have structural arrangement over a wide range of lengthscales and their relaxation mechanisms can impact the dynamics over a wide range of timescales, multiple techniques need to be employed in order to accurately and fully establish the links between rheology, microstructure & dynamics. This is also critical information, required for fully validating developed theory and models. In this talk, I will further illustrate how piezo based high frequency rheology can be utilized together with expert system rheometry to establish microstructure-rheology linkages in complex fluids.

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