A soft-core spherocylinder model for coarse-grained simulations of self-assembling system

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

A soft-core spherocylinder model for coarse-grained simulations of self-assembling system

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 7th December 2009
  • Speaker: Juho Lintuvuori (Formerly School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
  • Location: Room 2511,

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Time scales associated with self-assembly of complex molecular materials posses a large challenge for molecular simulations. We have developed a new anisotropic soft-core coarse-grained potential, based on the spherocylinder model, which allow us to study molecular self-assembly in complex architectures. It has been verified for single site systems as well as for a more complex multi-site models. Here I present results of a coarse grained simulation study of the effects of chiral medium on flexible achiral dopant molecules. Results here show a preferential selection of conformations of similar chirality to the solvent. Time permitting, I also demonstrate that the new coarse-grained potential can be combined with the recently developed advanced simulation technique of Statistical Temperature Molecular Dynamics (STMD) [Kim et al. PRL 2006]. The latter uses the relation between statistical temperature and density of states; effectively combining multicanonical molecular dynamics with Wang-Landau sampling by dynamic update of the statistical temperature estimate. This can be used as a way of sampling a temperature window efficiently to identify different mesophases; and also of providing free energies and entropies, which are difficult to obtain by conventional simulation methodologies.} }

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