NLO QCD corrections to ZZ production at the LHC in extra-dimension models.

Particle Physics Theory seminar

NLO QCD corrections to ZZ production at the LHC in extra-dimension models.

  • Event time: 2:00pm
  • Event date: 1st December 2010
  • Speaker: Anurag Tripathi (TIFR Mumbai)
  • Location: Lecture Theatre C,

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Hierarchy problem of the standard model indicates to existence of new physics beyond it. Extra-dimension models are one class of models which solve this problem by introducing extra spatial dimensions. If fundamental scale of the extra-dimensional world is of the order of TeV then it will be possible to look for their signatures at the LHC.

LO predictions are very sensitive to factorization scale which are to a large extent arbitrary. Higher order QCD corrections make the predictions precise by reducing the theoretical uncertainties. We present in large extra-dimension model of ADD a full NLO QCD correction to production of two Z bosons and show that the K-factors are large and significant reduction in sensitivity to factorization scale is obtained by this study. These studies would be helpful in putting stronger constraints on the parameters of the model.

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