Flux-tubes as bosonic strings

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Flux-tubes as bosonic strings

  • Event time: 2:00pm
  • Event date: 2nd May 2012
  • Speaker: Andreas Athenodorou ( DESY-Zeuthen)
  • Location: Lecture Theatre C,

Event details

The question of which effective string theory describes the confining flux-tube has been a subject of extensive investigation during the last decade. We extracted by means of numerical simulations using lattice techniques the spectrum of confining SU(N) flux-tubes that wind around a spatial torus of variable length L, in 2+1 dimensions, in the fundamental representation of colour and for several combinations of parity and longitudinal momentum. We compare the energies of the lowest 30 states to the free string Nambu-Goto model and to recent results on the universal properties of effective string actions. Our most recent and useful calculations are in SU(6) at a very small lattice spacing, which we check to be very close to the large-N continuum limit. We find that the energy levels are remarkably close to the predictions of the free string Nambu-Goto model, even well below the critical length at which the expansion of the Nambu-Goto energy in powers of 1/L^2 diverges. In this talk I will present these findings without spending too much time on lattice technical details. The main aim of this talk will be to provide convincing evidence that Nambu-Goto string is the best known description for the confining fundamental flux-tube in 2+1 dimensions. The spectrum of 3+1 dimensional SU(N) closed flux-tubes has also been investigated. I will provide only a brief summary of our findings most of which resemble those in 2+1 dimensions apart from some states with particular quantum numbers which have large deviations from Nambu-Goto. Finally, I would like to present our very recent results on the spectrum of 2+1 dimensional closed flux-tubes in higher (than the fundamental) irreducible-representations of colour with N-alities k=1, 2, 3. For these N-alities we have found that the low-lying flux-tube spectrum can be well described by Nambu-Goto irrespective of what the representation is.

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