Lattice Artifacts in Strongly Interacting Theories

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Lattice Artifacts in Strongly Interacting Theories

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 14th March 2012
  • Speaker: Pol Vilaseca (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Location: Lecture Theatre B,

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Viable candidate models of Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking must display a quasi-conformal scaling behaviour in order to accommodate experimental constraints. The scaling properties of a theory can be studied using finite volume renormalization schemes. From these, the most practical ones are based on the Schrodinger Functional (SF). However, SF schemes suffer from potentially large O(a) effects and special care has to be taken to remove these effects. Here we will compare the standard setup of the SF with Wilson quarks to a setup with chirally rotated boundary conditions (χSF). We study the O(a)-improvement of both setups at 1-loop in perturbation theory, and we prescribe a way of minimizing higher order cut-off effects.

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The Particle Physics Theory seminar is a weekly series of talks reflecting the diverse interests of the group. Topics include analytic and numerical calculations based on the Standard Model of elementary particle physics, theories exploring new physics, as well as more formal developments in gauge theories and gravity..

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