Higgsless models of strong EWSB and EWPT: Technicolor vs Conformal Technicolor

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Higgsless models of strong EWSB and EWPT: Technicolor vs Conformal Technicolor

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 29th February 2012
  • Speaker: Axel Orgogozo (LPT Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
  • Location: Lecture Theatre C,

Event details

I will describe a generic Higgsless model of strong EWSB.

I will study the effect of spin-1 resonances, arising from the strong dynamics, on the S and T parameters. For this, I will build an effective field theory including the first axial and vector resonances and will assume Vector Meson Dominance. I will constraint the parameter space by requiring a good UV behaviour of a set of form factors and by imposing elastic unitarity in WW scattering.

Those constraints will allow me to go beyond NDA estimates of the Lagrangian parameters and thus of the S and T parameters. In this framework, I will explain how one can recover the fact that minimal Technicolor is in disagreement with EWPT.

Finally, I will show how the situation changes if the strong dynamics reach a strongly coupled fixed point (Conformal Technicolor). In this case one can show that one of the constraints, the 2nd Weinberg sum rule, doesn't hold anymore, leaving some freedom in the parameter space. I will show that this freedom allows to get a good fit to EWPT.

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