Lattice QCD measurement of the strong coupling constant

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Lattice QCD measurement of the strong coupling constant

  • Event time: 2:00pm
  • Event date: 22nd February 2012
  • Speaker: Benoit Blossier (Universite Paris-Sud)
  • Location: Lecture Theatre C,

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It is crucial to well estimate at high energy colliders like LHC the detectors sensitivity to Higgs boson production as a function of its mass. In addition to the hadronic uncertainty, coming from the parametrisation of parton distribution functions or the dependence on the factorisation scale, one has to take into account an error on the strong coupling constant itself. It is hence worth developing theoretical methods to compute it. In this talk we will present the status of its determination from ab-initio numerical simulations: after a description of the methods based on hadronic schemes and finite volume schemes, we will emphasize a fixed-gauge approach of extracting alpha_s from ghost and gluon Green functions analysis.

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