Reversible and irreversible dynamics in a sheared Wigner crystal

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

Reversible and irreversible dynamics in a sheared Wigner crystal

  • Event time: 4:00pm
  • Event date: 7th January 2014
  • Speaker: Bruno Eckhart (Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg)
  • Location: Room 2511,

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Experiments by Pine et al [1] have revealed a transition between reversible and irreversible motion in a many body system. They studied the dynamics of a suspension of spherical glass beads in a viscous liquid under oscillatory shear. When the shear amplitude is small, almost all particles return to their initial position, but when the shear amplitude exceeds a critical threshold the particles do not return to their initial positions and show a diffusive behaviour with a diffusion constant that increases with shear amplitude. The behaviour was rationalized in a statistical model for the particle-shear interaction [2].

In order to connect this behaviour to the reversibility and exponential instability in dynamical systems [3] we study the over-damped dynamics of a 2-d system of repulsively interacting particles. For equal particles the stationary equilibrium configuration is a tetragonal lattice. Under shear this lattice develops an instability for a range of frequencies and shear amplitudes.

The diffusive motion of the particles requires that neighbouring particles exchange positions. We use edge tracking [4] to identify the transition states for such processes. The states are exponentially localized and cover about 5x5 particles in 2-d.

[1] D. J. Pine, J. P. Gollub, J. F. Brady, and A. M. Leshansky, Nature 438, 997 (2005) [2] L. Corte, P.M. Chaikin, J.P. Gollub, and D.J. Pine, Nature Physics 4, 420 (2008). [3] B. Eckhardt, J. Phys. A 36, 371-380 (2003). [4] J. Skufca, B. Eckhardt and J.A. Yorke, Phys Rev Lett 96, 174101 (2006).

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