Functional bionanomaterials from the assembly of protein-polymer surfactant conjugates

Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar

Functional bionanomaterials from the assembly of protein-polymer surfactant conjugates

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 12th May 2014
  • Speaker: Adam Perriman (University of Bristol)
  • Location: Room 2511,

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Soft hybrid bionanomaterials comprising proteins and synthetic polymers provide an attractive opportunity to increase the diversity of chemical milieux encountered by protein-based components. This is because the chemical construction of a surface-bound polymer corona enables the biomolecules to be utilised in a range of dielectric mediums, and potentially, in both the solid and the liquid phase. To this end, I describe a new integrated approach based on a generic strategy in which nanoscale building blocks are used to produce functional protein-polymer surfactant nanohybrids with a diverse range of properties. The approach involves systematically tuning protein-protein interactions via chemical modifications of the biomolecule surface to produce highly adaptable protein-polymer surfactant nanoconstructs that can be either dehydrated to produce functional solvent-free nanoliquids [1,2], dispersed in aqueous solutions to generate artificial membrane binding proteins with tuneable cell affinities, or spontaneously self-assembled to yield hierarchically ordered, catalytically active soft membranes [3]. Remarkably, this new class of soft hybrid bionanomaterials retains near-native protein structures that are catalytically active, and exhibit extreme thermophilic behaviour.

[1] Perriman, A. W.; Brogan, A. P. S.; Coelfen, H.; Tsoureas, N.; Owen, G. R.; Mann, S., Reversible dioxygen binding in solvent-free liquid myoglobin. Nature Chemistry 2010, 2 (8), 622-626. [2] Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S., Liquid Proteins-A New Frontier for Biomolecule-Based Nanoscience. Acs Nano 2011, 5 (8), 6085-6091. [3] Sharma, K. P.; Collins, A. M.; Perriman, A. W.; Mann, S., Enzymatically Active Self-Standing Protein-Polymer Surfactant Films Prepared by Hierarchical Self-Assembly. Advanced Materials 2013, 25 (14), 2005-2010.

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