Hot and dense QCD - from Baryons to the phase diagram of QCD

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Hot and dense QCD - from Baryons to the phase diagram of QCD

  • Event time: 2:00pm
  • Event date: 20th May 2015
  • Speaker: Benjamin Jaeger (Swansea University)
  • Location: Higgs Centre Seminar Room, Room 4305,

Event details

Baryons provide a tool to test symmetries in the presence of the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP). We present a study of baryonic correlations functions to address the restoration of chiral symmetry. We find evidence that the nucleon and its parity partner become mass-degenerate once the temperature is sufficiently large. Simulations of QCD in a hot and dense environment lead to a severe sign problem, for which standard Monte Carlo methods are not applicable. We present results for QCD in the limit of heavy quarks and show that​ ​the Complex Langevin method provides an alternative to determine the phase diagram of QCD.

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The Particle Physics Theory seminar is a weekly series of talks reflecting the diverse interests of the group. Topics include analytic and numerical calculations based on the Standard Model of elementary particle physics, theories exploring new physics, as well as more formal developments in gauge theories and gravity..

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