HyperInt - exact integration with polylogarithms

Particle Physics Theory seminar

HyperInt - exact integration with polylogarithms

  • Event time: 11:00am
  • Event date: 30th April 2015
  • Speaker: Erik Panzer (Institut des Hautes √Čtudes Scientifiques, Bures-sur-Yvette)
  • Location: Higgs Centre Seminar Room, Room 4305,

Event details

Polylogarithms appear abundantly in physics, and in particular they often arise as Feynman integrals. Given a suitable ("linearly reducible") integral representation, these can be computed algorithmically; for example with the program HyperInt. I will explain the concept of linear reducibility, summarize classes of Feynman integrals for which such a representation is known and also show applications to the calculation of gluon exchange webs.

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