New Physics and Anomalies in B-meson decays

Particle Physics Theory seminar

New Physics and Anomalies in B-meson decays

  • Event time: 2:00pm
  • Event date: 18th March 2015
  • Speaker: Marco Nardecchia (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
  • Location: Higgs Centre Seminar Room, Room 4305,

Event details

In the first part of the talk I will review the status of flavor physics after the first run of the LHC and in particular I will discuss recent results from the LHCb experiment suggesting possible deviations from the SM predictions in semileptonic B-meson decays.

In the second part of the talk I will give an interpretation of the these anomalies via a composite Higgs model, in which both the Higgs and a triplet leptoquarks arise as pseudo-Goldstone bosons of the strong dynamics.

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