"Doors Open Late" and "Doors Open Day"

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"Doors Open Late" and "Doors Open Day"

  • Event time: Starts at 5:30pm on 26th September 2014. Runs until 27th September 2014
  • Event dates: 26th September 2014 to 27th September 2014
  • Location:

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Get behind-the-scenes access to some of the leading soft-matter physics research being done right here in the School.

Researchers from the soft-matter group will take you on a guided tour of their workplace. You’ll find out how physicists design new soft materials and see the equipment they use to study them. Sign up for lab tours and take part in demonstrations. Hands-on demonstrations include, but are not limited to, making your own slime! (Yup, even the adults!)

"Doors Open Late" is part of Explorathon – Researchers’ Night Scotland and is essentially a sneak preview of "Doors Open Day" (www.doorsopendays.org.uk/opendays), which will be happening the next day.

Beat the crowds and say you did something with your Friday night and/or bring the kids and join the bustle on Saturday!

Age 14+ for Doors Open Late on Fri 26 Sep

All ages for Doors Open Day on Sat 27 Sep

Fri 26 Sep -8:30pm and Sat 27 Sep 10:00am - 4:00pm

FREE, no booking required.

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