Flavor Physics and CP Violation: Outlook for Run 2 Period

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Flavor Physics and CP Violation: Outlook for Run 2 Period

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 3rd May 2017
  • Speaker: George Hou (National Taiwan University)
  • Location: Higgs Centre Seminar Room, Room 4305,

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As we live under the CKM paradigm, the aim of Flavor Physics and CP violation (FPCP) pursuit is to uncover New Physics beyond the Standard Model (SM).  During LHC Run 1, the CPV phase phis of Bs mixing and Bs -> mumu decay were again found to be consistent with SM, though the saga is yet unfinished.  There is also the emergence of the P5' anomaly in B0 -> K^*0 mumu angular  analysis, and the BaBar anomaly in B -> D^(*) taunu decays, which point to possibilities such as Z', H+, or leptoquarks. Charmless hadronic, semileptonic, purely leptonic and radiative B decays continue to offer windows on New Physics. Away from B, K -> pi nunu decays and eps'/eps in kaon sector, mu -> e transitions, muon g - 2 and EDMs of the neutron and electron, tau -> mu gamma, mumumu, eee, offer multiple windows. Lastly, flavor changing neutral transitions involving the top quark t and the Higgs boson h, such as t -> ch and h -> mutau transitions, adds a new chapter to FPCP probes, while a new Z' related to or inspired by the P5' anomaly, could show up in analogous top quark processes, perhaps even link with low energy phenomena such as muon g - 2 or rare kaon processes. As LHC Run 2 runs its course, and with B physics program of Belle II to start soon, there is much to look forward to in FPCP sector before Run 3 starts.

N.B. Based on invited review (with P. Chang and K.F. Chen), submitted to PPNP.

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