Biomimetic Isotropic Nanostructures for Structural Coloration

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Biomimetic Isotropic Nanostructures for Structural Coloration

  • Event time: 11:30am until 12:30pm
  • Event date: 20th April 2018
  • Speaker: (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
  • Location: Room 4319A,

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Many species of birds have feathers that are brilliantly colored without the use of pigments. In these cases, light of specific wavelengths is selectively scattered from nanostructures with variations in index of refraction on length-scales of the order of visible light.  This phenomenon is called structural color. The most striking examples of structural color in nature are iridescent colors created by scattering from periodic structures. The colors produced by these structures change dramatically depending on the angle of observation. Nature also produces structural colors that have very little angle-dependence.  These colors are the result of scattering from isotropic structures

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