Group kick off meeting for 2018/19

Statistical Physics and Complexity Group meeting

Group kick off meeting for 2018/19

Event details

This is the restart of the Statistical Physics and  Complexity (SPC) Group meetings for 2018/19. It would be great if everyone  could attend because it is a chance for everyone to introduce  themselves.

The agenda for the meeting

    1. Introductions
       - each person to introduce themselves
       - give a few sentences on what they are working on.
       - Maximum of 3 minutes per person.
       - Feel free to use the whiteboard - but no slides.

    2. Discussion of what people would like from the meetings this year.
       - what worked well last year.
       - new ideas on getting more out of the meetings.

If you would like to know more contact
    Meeting Chair - Richard Blythe (standing in for Martin Evans)
    Organiser - Peter Mottishaw.