Phase-space geometry of reaction-diffusion dynamics

Statistical Physics and Complexity Group meeting

Phase-space geometry of reaction-diffusion dynamics

  • Event time: 10:30am until 11:30am
  • Event date: 26th June 2019
  • Speaker: Fridtjof Brauns
  • Location: Room 2511,

Event details

Fridtjof Brauns will speak about Phase-space geometry of  
reaction-diffusion dynamics. (Please note the earlier time of 10:30.)  
The talk should be of particular interest to those working on  
non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.


Experimental studies of protein pattern formation (both in vivo and in  
vitro) have stimulated new interest in the dynamics of  
reaction--diffusion systems. However, a comprehensive theoretical  
understanding of the dynamics of such highly nonlinear, spatially  
extended systems is still missing. Here we show how a description in  
phase space, which has proven invaluable in shaping our intuition  
about the dynamics of nonlinear ordinary differential equations, can  
be generalized to mass-conserving reaction--diffusion (McRD) systems.