Stress-testing the Standard Model with lattice QCD

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Stress-testing the Standard Model with lattice QCD

  • Event time: 1:00pm
  • Event date: 11th November 2020
  • Speaker: (University of Glasgow)
  • Location: Online - see below

Event details

I will show recent results from the HPQCD collaboration that allow stringent tests of the Standard Model 
in the physics of mesons containing charm and bottom quarks. 
Tuning quark masses and normalising current operators are critical to accuracy and I will discuss our recent 
improved determination of the charm quark mass and current renormalisation factors for accurate matrix elements. 
I will also show results for meson decay constants, semileptonic form factors and B/Bs mixing amplitudes, 
all of which provide SM results for combining with experiment to determine CKM elements or tests for new physics.

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