Exploring large charge density systems with lattice QCD+QED

Particle Physics Theory seminar

Exploring large charge density systems with lattice QCD+QED

  • Event time: 2:00pm
  • Event date: 5th May 2021
  • Speaker: Dr Michael Wagman (Fermilab)
  • Location: Online - see below

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Both the complexity of meson, nucleon, and nuclear systems that can be studied using lattice QCD and the precision that can be achieved are steadily increasing. QED effects are being included in lattice calculations of fundamental properties of the Standard Model such as meson and baryon masses and contributions to g-2 of the muon targeting percent-level or better precision. In systems of multiple charged particles, QED effects are challenging to include but can also become large and lead to nonperturbative effects such as atomic binding. In this talk, I will present lattice QCD+QED results for systems of up to 12 charged and neutral mesons that explore the role of QED effects in multi-particle systems. I will also present the construction of a non-relativistic effective field theory of charged particles in a finite volume that can be used to constrain two- and three-meson interactions using these and future lattice QCD+QED results. Finally, I will discuss general lessons from these exploratory calculations on the importance of nonperturbative Coulomb effects for future multi-particle lattice QCD+QED calculations.

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