To reset or not to reset, that is the question!

Statistical Physics and Complexity Group meeting

To reset or not to reset, that is the question!

  • Event time: 3:00pm until 4:00pm
  • Event date: 14th December 2021
  • Speaker: Dr Somrita Ray (Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati)
  • Location: Online - see email.

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Stochastic resetting [1], i.e, stopping an ongoing dynamical process to start over, can either accelerate or hinder a first-passage process. Tuning system parameters can invert the effect of resetting on the mean completion time of the process, leading to a resetting transition. In this talk, I shall first explore the exact conditions where stochastic resetting accelerates diffusive transport for a couple of analytically tractable systems, viz.,

(i) diffusion in a linear potential, where the resetting transition is found to be governed by the Péclet number [2],

(ii) diffusion in a logarithmic potential, that exhibits a series of dynamical transitions when the constant strength of the potential in the units of thermal energy, is tuned [3].

Based on the common trends that these model systems show, a general framework can be proposed that reveals that the resetting transition is governed by an interplay between thermal and potential energy; when thermal energy dominates the dynamics, resetting can expedite the process [4]. Finally, considering a toy model for space-dependent diffusion ,I shall show that whenever a dynamical process is diffusion-controlled, resetting can, in principle, accelerate it [5]. We believe that our analysis will be useful in a variety of natural as well as man-made systems where resetting plays a crucial role in diffusive transport.


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