Thermodynamic constraints on nonequilibrium processes

Statistical Physics and Complexity Group meeting

Thermodynamic constraints on nonequilibrium processes

  • Event time: 3:00pm until 4:00pm
  • Event date: 28th June 2022
  • Speaker: Dr Gianmaria Falasco (University of Padova)
  • Location: Online - see email.

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Microscopic systems operating far from equilibrium appear to be fundamentally constrained by thermodynamics. In particular, the precision and the duration of nonequilibrium processes is limited by their dissipation. I will review these bounds [1,2], add further results that point to a general dissipation-speed-reliability trade-off [3], but also enquire about their actual domain of applicability in complex mesoscopic systems. 
[1] Unifying thermodynamic uncertainty relations.  G Falasco, M Esposito, JC Delvenne;  New Journal of Physics 22 (5), 053046 
[2] Dissipation-time uncertainty relation. G Falasco, M Esposito;  Physical Review Letters 125 (12), 120604 
[3] Beyond thermodynamic uncertainty relations: nonlinear response, error-dissipation trade-offs, and speed limits.   G Falasco, M Esposito, JC Delvenne; Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 55 (12), 124002

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