Muon-Electron scattering at 10ppm for MUonE

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Muon-Electron scattering at 10ppm for MUonE

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Muon-Electron scattering at 10ppm for MUonE


The MUonE experiment aims at extracting the hadronic vacuum
polarisation through a precise measurement of muon-electron scattering.
This novel approach will shed light on the current disagreement between
the traditional dispersive determination and lattice computations,
resulting in different predictions for the muon g-2. However, a
competitive extraction with MUonE requires a fully-differential
calculation of muon-electron scattering at the level of 10ppm. I will
present our efforts in the McMule team to achieve this level of
precision. An emphasis will be put on the methods that we have
developed for this type of calculation: the infrared subtraction
scheme, massification, and next-to-soft stabilisation. After presenting
our current results, I will talk about the possibility of going beyond

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