QCD under extreme conditions - How complex Langevin can help

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QCD under extreme conditions - How complex Langevin can help

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Title: QCD under extreme conditions - How complex Langevin can help


The phase structure of quark matter is essential for understanding the early time of the universe and the formation of matter in the universe. Computer simulations are crucial to guide and complement the extensive search for heavy-ion collision experiments around the world. Surprisingly, very little is known about the phase diagram of the strong force under extreme conditions. The strong interaction is expected to have a rich phase structure in the baryon chemical potential µ and temperature T plane.

Complex Langevin simulations provide an ab initio method to circumvent the sign problem at nonzero baryon density entirely since it is not based on importance sampling but rather on a stochastic exploration of an enlarged configuration space. We use complex Langevin simulations to study the QCD phase diagram with two light quark flavours. In this study, we use Wilson fermions with an intermediate pion mass of ~480 MeV. By studying thermodynamic quantities, in particular at lower temperatures, we are able to describe the equation of state.

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