UK Centre for Astrobiology seminar archive

Past UK Centre for Astrobiology seminars are listed below. Past events of other types can be found via our Events archive page.

Date Title Speaker(s)
24 Jun 2020 Building Worlds Seminar (online): Lessons from Hot Springs on Earth Applied to the Search for Traces of Life on Mars
  • Steve Ruff
17 Jan 2020 Earth, Life & Space Seminar - Expecting the Unexpected in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life
  • Peter Vickers (Durham University)
16 Apr 2019 Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars
  • Roberto Orosei (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica)
09 Apr 2019 From one-carbon atoms compound to RNA the path is tenuous but continuous
  • Ernesto di Mauro (Sapienza University)
19 Mar 2019 Fungi in space: Implications for astronaut health and planetary protection
  • Marta Cortesao (DLR)
26 Feb 2019 Did solid tides prevent the thermodynamic death of Europa?
  • Mohit Melwani Daswani (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
12 Feb 2019 Biogenicity tests for ancient microfossils
  • Mark van Zuilen (IPGP, Paris)
15 Jan 2019 Simulating Hypervelocity Planetary Impacts
  • Kathryn Harriss (University of Kent)
10 Jan 2019 Organics and Microalteration textures in Olivines from a Martian Meteorite: Lessons for seeking life in ultramafic rocks and impact structures on Earth
  • Nicola Mcloughlin (Rhodes University, South Africa)
11 Dec 2018 Cup or cone? Understanding ices in the solar system
  • Axel Hagermann (Stirling University)
20 Nov 2018 Fossils from the Deep Biosphere: Implications for Life on Mars
  • Magnus Ivarsson (Natural History Museum, Stockholm)
06 Nov 2018 Fossil record of early eukaryotes
  • Susannah Porter (University of California, Santa Barbara)
17 Oct 2018 Origin of chemical sediments in Precambrian oceans
  • Rosalie Tostevin (Oxford University)
18 Sep 2018 Native resources to enable human and robotic exploration of space
  • Bethany Lomax (Heriot-Watt University)
08 May 2018 TBC
  • André Antunes (Edge Hill University)
20 Mar 2018 How Habitable is Mars?
  • Javier Martin-Torres (Lulea University of Technology)
27 Feb 2018 The Microbiome of the International Space Station
  • Christine Moissl-Eichinger (Medical University of Graz)
23 Jan 2018 Biological regulation of planetary atmospheres: A status report from the early Earth
  • Aubrey Zerkle (University of St. Andrews)
12 Dec 2017 A probabilistic framework for identifying biosignatures using Pathway Complexity
  • Lee Cronin (University of Glasgow)
07 Nov 2017 The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs
  • Steve Brusatte (Chancellor’s Fellow, School of GeoSciences)
05 Oct 2017 Planetary Protection: How I started worrying about bugs on the Spacecraft
  • Parag Vaishampayan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA)
03 May 2017 The 'daily grind' - cold mechanochemical reactions on Earth and Mars
  • Jon Telling
21 Mar 2017 Self-Assembly of Prebiotic Organic Materials from Impact Events
  • Nir Goldman
14 Mar 2017 The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission to Mars and the search for signs of life
  • Manish Patel (The Open University)
07 Mar 2017 Organic molecules on Mars
  • Inge Loes ten Kate (Utrecht University)
20 Feb 2017 The Milos Island Fe-Mn Deposit: Implications for anoxic environments on Earth and Mars
  • Ernest Chi Fru (Cardiff University)
17 Jan 2017 Biomineralisation in Coccolithophores
  • Fabio Nudelman (School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh)
06 Dec 2016 Deep subsurface biospheres
  • Lotta Purkamo (University of St. Andrews)
01 Nov 2016 Destructive and non-destructive measurements of NORM in monazite-rich sands of Brazil
  • Cyrus Larijani (National Physics laboratory )
04 Oct 2016 White Mars - Surviving Antarctica
  • Beth Healey (European Space Agency)
19 Apr 2016 Cosmic radiation and the persistence of biosignatures of life on Mars
  • Lewis Dartnell (University of Kent)
05 Apr 2016 Using C. elegans to understand the adaptation to spaceflight
  • Nate Szewczyk (University of Nottingham)
01 Mar 2016 From atoms to planets: what we know, suspect or guess about life on other worlds
  • William Bains
02 Feb 2016 The ESA Rosetta mission and the astrobiological significance of comets
  • Colin Snodgrass (The Open University)
12 Jan 2016 Atmosphere-crust coupling on Mars and implications for habitability
  • Martin Lee ( University of Glasgow)
01 Dec 2015 Bacterial survival strategies during biomineralisation
  • Bryne Ngwenya (School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh)
03 Nov 2015 Experimental evolution and the limits of adaptation
  • Nick Colegrave (School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh)
29 Sep 2015 UKCA – an update and outlook
  • Charles Cockell
  • Adam Stevens
  • Delma Childers
02 Jun 2015 From its origins to the modern metabolic network
  • Markus Ralser (University of Cambridge)
13 Jan 2015 An Ecology on Mars? Lines of Evidence and Suggested Investigations
  • Dirk Schulze-Makuch (Washington State University)
02 Dec 2014 Ecosystem processes in the dry valleys of Antarctica
  • David W. Hopkins (The Royal Agricultural University)
25 Nov 2014 Recent thaw on Mars: evidence from Earth analogues and high-resolution elevation data
  • Susan Conway (The Open University)
03 Jun 2014 The exploration of Antarctic subglacial lakes
  • David Pearce (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University)
20 May 2014 Adventures in Numerical SETI
  • Duncan Forgan (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
08 Apr 2014 Detecting life in extrasolar planetary atmospheres
  • Mark Claire (University of St. Andrews)
11 Mar 2014 The Vibration of Exploration
  • Patrick Harkness (University of Glasgow)
04 Feb 2014 Nitrogen speciation in mantle aqueous fluids and the tectonic implications for the origin of Earth's unique atmosphere
  • Sami Mikhail (University of Edinburgh)
03 Dec 2013 Microbiology of hostile environments
  • John Hallsworth (Queen's University Belfast)
21 Nov 2013 Review of the first year (half-Martian year) of measurements of the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station on the Mars Science Lab
  • Javier Martin-Torres (Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra (CSIC-UGR), Granada, Spain)
15 Oct 2013 Heterogenous microbial habitability on Mars and its implications for the search for life
  • Frances Westall (CNRS-Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, Orléans, France)
08 Oct 2013 Atmospheric biosignatures as tools in search for life on exoplanets
  • Kai Finster (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
01 Oct 2013 Clues from Martian meteorites for the evolution of CO2 and H2O on Mars
  • Tim Tomkinson (University of Glasgow)
21 May 2013 Understanding the evolution of water and habitability on Mars
  • Peter Grindrod (University College London)
14 May 2013 Biomarkers and detection of life in our solar system
  • Zita Martins (Imperial College London)
26 Feb 2013 JUICE (JUpiter ICy moon Explorer)
  • Michele Dougherty (Imperial College London)
29 Jan 2013 Powering Primitive Life: Emergence of Proto-bioenergetic Systems
  • Terry Key (University of Leeds)
15 Jan 2013 Subglacial sedimentary basins: a last resort or oasis for microbial life?
  • Jemma Wadham (University of Bristol)
11 Dec 2012 Evidence for a Deep Biosphere in the Geological Record
  • John Parnell (University of Aberdeen)
13 Nov 2012 Star and planet formation
  • Ken Rice

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